Director & Writer :
Juan DiazB .

BY NIGHT was conceived as a -ground to earth fantasy-, a story that allows us to inhabit an alternate reality to which we can relate. The stories and the world developed in BY NIGHT are not just fantastic tales of an imaginary world, but statements of alternate realities and possibilities, a way to rethink the reality that surrounds us and where the imaginary realm has its limits.
Cinema gives us the opportunity to experience new worlds, to believe in them and feel compelled by characters that inhabit those realities. In cinema, as in our own world, surroundings give context to characters’ actions and define them and their stories.

BY NIGHT is not only the story of Martin’s love sacrifice, it is also bound to the story of a reality that is about to disappear, leaving us to face a question of continuation: do worlds continue to exist even if the creator is not watching? Will cinema allow us to keep alive those worlds as we experience them, either inside the theatre or out, just by remembering them?

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