This is our new poster. Hope you all enjoy it!!!

World Premier

BY NIGHT World premier will take place on February 13 th 2010, during the 60TH Berlinale.


Molly Aida

Picture 4Great News!! Fabian Diering with his production company MOLLY AIDA will be in charge of the production of BY NIGHT. And the work continues harder than ever!

First Official press release

This is the link to the First Official press release, from the Berlinale, i will keep updated the blog with any other news of the film:

Straight to Cinema


BY NIGHT written by Juan DiazB is one of the five projects that will be produced for the BERLIN TODAY AWARD 2010 of the Berlinale Talent Campus.
The short film will be presented during the Berlinale 2010, the 60th edition of the Berlin Film Festival.